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Do you have an energy plan?

Navigating through energy markets isn't your full time job. But it is ours. 

Energy can be a very complicated subject.  The Utilities Group would like to make it a little easier to understand.

The market is constantly changing; fundamental, financial, technical and geopolitical factors all exert their influence. Strategic purchasing of energy in Ohio and other deregulated states is a small part of a much larger, detailed and developed plan to save your business money. At The Utilities Group, we understand that your time and effort are better spent doing what you do best � running your business. It�s our business to know the market, to advise and guide you in your strategic energy plan and to help you reduce your energy costs. We utilize market indicators, decades of experience, pre-qualified supplier relationships and proprietary resources to provide a personalized level of service to help our clients find the right energy solutions. It's what we do best.

The Utilities Group has been a valued energy partner to commercial, industrial, institutional and non-profit entities since 1999. We serve clients in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas and throughout the U.S.

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