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Sustainability Consulting

Utilize Energy Alternatives to Reduce Consumption and Cost

�One size fits all� is not a concept that we practice. Instead, we tailor our work to your specific needs. We bring the outside expertise and purchasing power to help secure the best value for your utility needs.

At TUG, we can coordinate and facilitate this effort among all departments.  Our services are widespread. We help negotiate supply contracts, perform energy audits and participate on your energy task force.  It�s the combination of these efforts that lead to reducing utility costs and demonstrating efficient uses of energy.

Reduce Consumption and Control Energy Costs.

After labor and raw materials, energy is likely the third largest expense on your P&L � and that demands attention.  The Utilities Group can help manage that expense by evaluating your processes for smarter consumption.

Total energy costs aren�t just a product of unit price�cents per kWh (kilowatts per hour) or dollars per dth (decatherm).  By monitoring and controlling the volume and the way in which you use energy, you can make a positive impact on your bottom line and gain control over your energy costs.

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